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Meet Stephen

Rose House currently has six forever homes in Morris County, NJ including five group homes and an independent living apartment complex. We have the capacity to house a total of 32 adults with special needs. Here’s a look at one of our clients. These profiles will rotate every few months, so please return soon.

Stephen, a.k.a. “Stevie,” has an amazing energy like no other client. His vibrant personality especially shines in Rose House’s YouTube Videos where he is free to express himself. He has also starred in numerous theatrical performances.

Before moving to Rose House in June 2011, Stevie’s parents faced a familiar dilemma in our special needs community. As they grew concerned about where he would live in the future, they recognized and embraced his independent-minded personality. Stevie wanted to live like his brother Philip who had a good job and his own apartment. His parents supported the dream.

Stevie moved to Rose House’s Hanover Community Residence at the age of 29. The apartment complex houses 12 individuals, eight of which — including him — are in the Independent Living Program. Although Stevie did his own chores while living at home, Rose House added a new level of freedom. He soon had more input for daily decisions instead of relying on his parents for structure. In addition, the pride Stevie feels in having his own apartment and the perception of being on his own is immeasurable.

“I can’t say it enough that if it weren’t for the Rose House staff, I don’t think the program would be the success that it is,” said his mother, Irma. “We could never have felt comfortable moving from New Jersey to upstate New York if it weren’t for our confidence in the caring staff who have made Stevie’s life successful.”

Stevie also feels a sense of independence in his career, thanks to Employment Horizons. Unlike other Rose House clients that work at desks, Stevie’s job is more suitable for his energetic and outgoing personality. General maintenance work enables him to move around and be more social.

On days that he isn’t working, Stevie loves going to the Center for Enhancing Abilities, a day program offering many activities such as music, art and games. He is also a sports enthusiast, especially for football, basketball and wrestling. Stevie is also athletic and spent many years on the Morris County Adaptive Recreational Program (McARP) Wolverines basketball team.

In his downtime from work, Stevie likes to unwind by playing guitar and PlayStation video games. He especially enjoys spending time with the love of his life, Lisa.