Vocational Program

Job Sampling

Statement of Purpose

The Job Sampling Program is designed to be an integral part of the transition process for high school seniors by offering them exposure to “real-life” work situations in a supportive environment.

We strive to provide the work skills, job habits and interpersonal skills necessary for our clients to get and keep good jobs in the food service and other industries.

The Program

The Rose House's Job Sampling program provides both classroom instruction and hands-on experience in a variety of job related tasks, modified as needed to meet each student's specific needs.  

Individualized instruction and supervision make the likelihood of success much greater than any “pre-planned” course of study.

Our graduates are able to demonstrate a significant skill set upon successful completion of our Program, and have a better understanding of the opportunities and expectations facing them upon graduation.

We offer a very low ratio of students to instructors, and a one-to-one mentor relationship for the "hands-on" part of the Program.

job samplers will have exposure to the following areas:

  1. Kitchen Safety
    1. Knives
    2. Stoves and grease
    3. Wet floors
    4. Fire Hazards
    5. Dressing safely
    6. Protecting others
    7. How to handle stock and large items
    8. Cleaning floors and utensils safely
  2. Health and Cleanliness
    1. Hand washing
    2. Hair care
    3. Personal habits and cleanliness
    4. Cleaning counters and floors
    5. Cleaning utensils and pots
    6. Cleaning grills and fryers
    7. Refrigeration and food
  3. Basic Food Preparation and Setup
    1. Coffee urn set-up and breakdown
    2. Packaging food “to go”
    3. Setting and maintaining diners’ tables
    4. Stock room procedures
  4. Workplace Protocol
    1. Your responsibility as an employee
    2. How to resolve problems at your job
    3. Productivity
    4. How to treat your boss
    5. How to treat your co-workers
    6. Timesheets and time clocks

Schedule and Tuition

The Job Sampling Program typically consists of four hours per day, one day per week, for one semester. Summer programs are also available.

Schedules can be modified as needed to accommodate the student and district needs.  Program hours can be any time from 7 am to 2 pm, depending upon transportation and other considerations.

At the end of the semester, we provide the student with counseling services if desired. We also provide monthly and wrap-up reports to the school on each student's progress.

The Program is offered at $35.00 per hour, including lunch. There are no charges for conferences, reporting, and job counseling. Job coaching for subsequent supported employment can be contracted for separately if needed. Transportation is the responsibility of the school district.

For more information or to set up an interview for potential students, please contact Mark Kramer, Executive Director at 973-984-0006.

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