The Friends of the Rose House Cookbook


Featuring over 250 Recipes in Six Categories

We are pleased to announce the availability of the limited edition Friends of The Rose House Cookbook. 

We've included over 250 exciting and tasty recipes provided by a wide variety of family members and friends, any one of which will surely liven up your next dinner party or holiday celebration!

By buying the cookbook, you'll also be supporting our Independent Living Program residents, helping them in being active, contributing members of our  community.

Get yours now... and get one for a friend!

How to Purchase the Cookbook

  • Mail a check for $15 per book payable to Friends of the Rose House, P. O. Box 544, Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927;
  • Use the PayPal button on the Home Page, note it is for the cookbook, and provide your contact information.
  • Books can picked up at The Rose House's offices - please call ahead (973-984-0006) to make arrangements.
  • Books can be delivered locally - contact Irma at to make arrangements.
  • Books will be mailed for an additional $5 shipping and handling.

 Thank you for supporting this project and the Friends of the Rose House.

The Rose House Catering

Serving Morris County Since 2001


The Rose House offers you a full range of dining pleasure - from boxed lunches to wonderful hot buffets – a taste of excellence that’s sure to please, from our friends at The Fruited Plain!


Since 2001, we have served the residents, businesses and non-profits of the Morris County area.  And, when you use The Rose House Catering, you provide work opportunities for students and graduates of our Vocational programs.


By using our catering services, you not only get a great meal, you also help people with developmental disabilities develop their job skills and gain valuable work experience.


Please choose The Rose House Catering for your next event!




Vocational Programs

Most people with disabilities can be successful in “real world” jobs, with proper training and support.

Our vocational programs focus on employment in the food services industry, providing students with:

-          Training they need for good jobs in private industry;

-          Opportunities to learn job habits and interpersonal skills needed for success;

-          “On the job” experience during training;

-          Help with moving from training into finding and being hired for “real world” jobs;

By good jobs, we mean:

-          A job where the employee is paid a reasonable wage;

-          The corporate culture includes a positive attitude towards people with disabilities;

-          There are opportunities for personal and job growth over time.

Our Graduates usually seek jobs in fast food or other restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, and company cafeterias.  However, over the years, the job skills developed by our Graduates have also been useful in getting entry level positions with non-food related retail stores and small office environments.

For more information about our Vocational programs, or to register a student, contact our Executive Director, Tom Mitchellor call our office at (973) 984-0006.


Vocational Training Program

Our Vocational Training Program helps people develop the skills they need to get and keep good jobs by:

-    Teaching and instilling professional behavior

-    Overcoming individual impediments to competitive employment

-    Teaching basic food safety and food preparation skills

After program graduation, The Rose House helps our Graduates find and keep competitive, well-paying jobs.  Should Graduates need additional employment supports, we'll also help them get assistance from agencies who provide more intensive support services.

Our Vocational Training Program is six weeks long, including twenty hours a week of classroom training and "hands-on" work experience with The Rose House, working on catering and other food service assignments.

Program topics include:

-    Safety in the Workplace                 -   Appropriate Dress and Behavior

-    Health and Cleanliness                    -   Dealing with Others in the Workplace

-    Basic Food Handling                       -   Basic Food Preparation

-    Interviewing and Resumes              -   Time Sheets and Time Clocks

Our instructors are professional trainers with extensive teaching experience in the disabled community.  The students-to-instructor ratio is six to one (or less) in the classroom setting, and three to one (or less) working for The Rose House’s catering program.

Instructors also serve as mentors to program Graduates, providing one-to-one support as they search for jobs, interview with prospective employers, and work at their new jobs.


Job Sampling

Job Sampling can be an integral part of the transition process for high school seniors.  Job Samplers receive exposure to “real-life” work situations in area businesses, by learning about different jobs and “trying them out.”

The Rose House offers a Job Sampling program for area school districts.  We provide Samplers with instruction and hands-on experience in a variety of work tasks, modifying the tasks to meet the specific needs of each student.  Our individualized instruction and supervision make the chances of success much greater than any “pre-planned” course.

Job Sampling Graduates will acquire, and be able to demonstrate, a significant employment skill set; as well as having better understanding of opportunities available to them after high school and the expectations of potential employers.

The Job Sampling program offers a very low ratio of students to instructors, and a one-to-one mentor relationship to our students for the hands-on portion of the job sampling.


Schedules and Tuition

Job Sampling classes are usually four hours each, one day per week, for a semester.  Classes can be modified as needed to accommodate the student and district needs. Summer programs are also available.

Program hours can be scheduled to accommodate transportation and other student needs.

We provide monthly and “wrap-up” reports to the school on each student’s progress, and offer Graduates counseling services, if requested.

Tuition is $35 per hour; transportation for Job Samplers is the responsibility of the school district.

Job Coaching for subsequent supported employment is also available.


For more information about our Vocational programs, or to register a student, contact our Executive Director, Tom Mitchell, or call our office at (973) 984-0006.

Vocational Program

Job Sampling

Statement of Purpose

The Job Sampling Program is designed to be an integral part of the transition process for high school seniors by offering them exposure to “real-life” work situations in a supportive environment.

We strive to provide the work skills, job habits and interpersonal skills necessary for our clients to get and keep good jobs in the food service and other industries.

The Program

The Rose House's Job Sampling program provides both classroom instruction and hands-on experience in a variety of job related tasks, modified as needed to meet each student's specific needs.  

Individualized instruction and supervision make the likelihood of success much greater than any “pre-planned” course of study.

Our graduates are able to demonstrate a significant skill set upon successful completion of our Program, and have a better understanding of the opportunities and expectations facing them upon graduation.

We offer a very low ratio of students to instructors, and a one-to-one mentor relationship for the "hands-on" part of the Program.

job samplers will have exposure to the following areas:

  1. Kitchen Safety
    1. Knives
    2. Stoves and grease
    3. Wet floors
    4. Fire Hazards
    5. Dressing safely
    6. Protecting others
    7. How to handle stock and large items
    8. Cleaning floors and utensils safely
  2. Health and Cleanliness
    1. Hand washing
    2. Hair care
    3. Personal habits and cleanliness
    4. Cleaning counters and floors
    5. Cleaning utensils and pots
    6. Cleaning grills and fryers
    7. Refrigeration and food
  3. Basic Food Preparation and Setup
    1. Coffee urn set-up and breakdown
    2. Packaging food “to go”
    3. Setting and maintaining diners’ tables
    4. Stock room procedures
  4. Workplace Protocol
    1. Your responsibility as an employee
    2. How to resolve problems at your job
    3. Productivity
    4. How to treat your boss
    5. How to treat your co-workers
    6. Timesheets and time clocks

Schedule and Tuition

The Job Sampling Program typically consists of four hours per day, one day per week, for one semester. Summer programs are also available.

Schedules can be modified as needed to accommodate the student and district needs.  Program hours can be any time from 7 am to 2 pm, depending upon transportation and other considerations.

At the end of the semester, we provide the student with counseling services if desired. We also provide monthly and wrap-up reports to the school on each student's progress.

The Program is offered at $35.00 per hour, including lunch. There are no charges for conferences, reporting, and job counseling. Job coaching for subsequent supported employment can be contracted for separately if needed. Transportation is the responsibility of the school district.

For more information or to set up an interview for potential students, please contact Mark Kramer, Executive Director at 973-984-0006.

The Rose House Residential Living

Welcome Real Life Choices participants!

Real Life Choices participants who become clients of The Rose House's Community Living Program will receive State Rental Assistance Program (S-RAP) rental voucher assistance to help pay their rental costs. The Rose House has twelve approved S-RAP vouchers for our Community Living Program clients.

Under the S-RAP program, tenants pay twenty-five percent of their income for rent; S-RAP pays the balance. Program costs are covered by Real Life Choices and/or other Division of Developmental Disabilities funds.

For more information, call (973) 984-0006 or send an e-mail

The Rose House • PO Box 544 • Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927

Phone 973.984.0006 • Fax 973.998.0002 • email:

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